A Bold new Future

Oakwood 2030 is the city’s future. It takes its name from an even broader vision known as Vision 2030, the local citizen-led venture that lays out the hopes and dreams for all of Hall County. For its part, Oakwood’s vision focuses on the development and preservation of a small-town way of life that is echoed throughout the “15 Big Ideas” of the Vision 2030 effort.

Since 2000, the Oakwood City Council has been preparing for the intense growth that is moving north up I-985 from Atlanta. The Council chose to take matters into its own hands and began to envision an ideal future. The result is a Master Plan which will allow the city and its residents to set the tone and standards for growth.

Oakwood 2030 supports the Vision 2030 goals for Hall County to become a “community of towns” with “connectedness among residents, workers and visitors.” In addition, Oakwood 2030 falls in line with Vision 2030’s promotion of community wellness and protection of green space throughout the county.

Excerpts from ‘The 15 Big Ideas’
Hall County’s Vision 2030
goals and objectives

Idea #2 – Culture of Wellness: “We strive to create a culture of wellness among our residents and our community.”

Idea #5 – Green Space Initiative: “Gainesville-Hall County has the greatest amount of protected green space (parks, recreation areas and privately owned open land) of any urban county in Georgia.”

Idea #11 – High Speed Rail: “There is a high-speed rail service linking Gainesville with Athens and the University of Georgia, Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Emory University and Georgia Tech.”

Idea #13 – Community of Towns: “Future development preserves the traditional scale of Gainesville-Hall County buildings, streets and public spaces and encourages connectedness among residents, workers and visitors.