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Please take a moment to let us know what you think of Oakwood 2030 and the Downtown Commercial Center Master Plan. It is a legacy for the community and for all of Hall County, and its success is dependent on local citizen and business support.

Your ideas and feedback will help create the best quality of life that will benefit everyone living, working and playing in or near the City of Oakwood.

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' I received a copy of the new newsletter in the mail today. I knew NOTHING of the 2030 plan and am excited to see what is in store for Oakwood over the next 20+ years. Seems the creaters of the plan have a resolved balance between keeping Oakwood a city with an ever-so-important "hometown" feel and yet still business-friendly. Great job! I have been a resident of Hall County since 1986, and Oakwood since 2000. When I chose to buy a home in Oakwood, I did so because of its accessibility to Atlanta, but closeness to where I was raised in North Hall Co. As such, I'm very excited to hear about the proposed commuter rail. In July of 2008, our family moved to North Carolina as the result of a change of duty station for my active-duty military husband (from the Ranger Camp in Dahlonega). However, we decided to keep our home in Oakwood as a rental property hoping the growth we perceived as imminent would only increase the property's value, enabling us to use the income as the source for our 3 year old son's college. Much of the "wondering" whether or not this was a wise decision, has been put aside. We are excited to hear the city's future and elated that our property is probably 2 miles from the center of it all. In an effort to be active in the community, have a first-hand knowledge of the "going ons," and protect our investment by improving/maintaining the quality of life in our neighborhood, I ran for and was elected to be a member of the Board of Directors for the Oakridge Condos Homeowners Association in April of 2008. I will be pleased to pass this information on to the Association's members at the annual members' meeting later this month. One thing I would like to see accessible on the website is a larger-scale map of the City with the proposed changes. To wit, show the entire City limits on one page with the proposed changes to the City's center, Thurmond Tanner Parkway, and 985, in a less detailed view. Again, thank you for your hard work and efforts on the informative newsletter, friendly web site and well thought out 2030 plan.'

With kind regards - Kim Thomas Fayetteville, NC


"The web site is great and the plans are even greater. I have been hearing all about the new plans and it is exciting to know that Oakwood will be such an awesome place to live, work and raise a family. It will be so exciting to see the changes that take place in the future. My thanks go out to the City of Oakwood for having such a heart for the community. "

Denise Whitfield


"I have followed the 2030 planning in Hall County from its beginning. I have been an Oakwood/South Hall resident for more than 30 years. I believe in our future in Oakwood and Southern Hall County. The Oakwood 2030 Plan is a positive view of our future. We can see great infrastructure growth and the encouragement of the technology industry in our area and future. 2030 stems from all of our comments, and if the course is held true, the Oakwood area of Hall County will be a center people seek to be a part of. "

David M. Holmes 


 "Impressive Master Plan.  That it exists is a sign of strong and visionary leadership; that it encompasses such imagination and creativity is clear proof of bold thinking.  We feel fortunate to live in this community."

Dr. & Mrs. David Grisham


"My congratulations to Mayor Scroggs and his administrative people. They have done a fantastic job in planning for the future. This small town has grown from a Mayberry USA community to the modern community that it is today. I was born in this community in the old hotel (which was torn down several years ago). I am so proud to be a native son."

W. Richard Merritt, Loganville, Ga.


"This is so very exciting!!!!!! What is the earliest we can expect to see changes like land acquisition and construction? In what area of Oakwood are the changes expected to begin?


Thank you for having the vision to build such a gorgeous and family friendly hometown!!!"


 "Looks beautiful, I can't wait until it is built"!

             Trenton Hembree





"Wonderful vision! I lived in Oakwood for awhile when I moved back from Florida, and it was a quiet and very peaceful city. Being familiar with Disney and its developments I tried to get people interested in this type of development for years. When the time comes I would love to invest my money in this type of community. However, I believe you just hit the tip of the iceberg of the things to come and the endless possibilities. Through wise investments this could be a tax free community, and never short the city of funds to propel this project forward with enough money to own and maintain a healthy community and attract business investors. Oakwood would become the standard others aspire for and good jobs would come".


 "I like the plan everyone is doing a good job. Thank you."


             Eddy Ontiveros